The Studio Philosophy

Expect a warm welcome and professional care tailored to suit your wellness needs.


Each massage is personalized using techniques and pressure appropriate to your needs and preferences so that your body, mind and spirit can ease into a place of comfort and relaxation.  


Before your first massage, you will complete a brief health history and together we will determine goals for your session(s).


Your massage will likely include many types of bodywork depending on what we want to accomplish in a given area.  Each massage is unique to your needs and will vary from session to session.

Shayni LaJesse


Certified Massage Therapist

Certified Massage Cupping Practitioner



Shayni has been a licensed therapist in Virginia for fifteen years.  She provides services that follow the guidelines and standards of the Virginia Board of Nursing.  This means that you can expect a therapist that values and upholds a professional code of ethics.  







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